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#GiftABook to keep kids reading this summer holidays!


Young Angels is a leading publisher of children’s books and magazines, which has been delivering an extensive range of story booksactivity books, encyclopaedias, picture bookssticker books and life skills books, since 2005. With the ever changing shift in the methods of reading, we are constantly encouraging students to opt for books rather than downloading their digital version.

One of the cornerstones of this mission is our Empowering Life Skills magazine, which delivers a monthly roller coaster ride of stories, quizzes, mind ticklers, words search and other activities. With full of interactive colours and landscapes, it delivers whatever it takes to make a child active emotionally with improved knowledge and skills. Moreover, it helps build up multiple intelligence, logical intelligence and other intellectual skills. In addition, it encourages the habit of reading to have a well-fed brain with knowledge and creativity. 

As we also host book fairs and book clubs, with the help of our books, we are creating a literacy-rich environment among school-going children.

As summer holidays are heaving a sigh of relief, we bring you #Giftabook campaign for our readers, where we will be distributing free books to children to make their holidays more interesting and fun-loving. In order to grab your free book, check out the link down below.

 In order to get your free book:

  1. Click on the "Select the books" button given on the header and footer of this page 
  2. Select a book from the range of books given.
  3. Fill out the entries after opening the link
  4. Submit your feedback with your message

So don’t waste your time and rush to the link as fast as you can.


Terms and Conditions may apply based on the availability of books in our stock and how much your feedback impresses our selection team. Accordingly, the selected candidates will be disturbed free books. 

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