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Design A cover

1. Click on the link www.youngangels.in/for-childrens to participate in YA Contest.
2. Select For Children to choose the contest to participate. (The contests listed are grade-wise. Choose and click the contest banner accordingly.)
3. Click download to download the instructions to participate in the contest.
4. To send us your entries scan/click the photograph of the sheet/craft and upload it on the website by clicking the upload icon along with the properly filled attached registration form.
5. Entries will be accepted till 30TH Sep 2018 (last date of submission).
6. This is an online contest so no entries in physical form will be entertained.
7. Results will be uploaded on 5TH Oct 2018 on the website.
8. 3 winners per grade will be selected on the basis of the originality and creativity of their products. Total 9 winners would be selected from each category .
* Young Angles retains the rights to use winning contest entries for promotional purposes.


Instructions to Participate in DESIGN A COVER Contest
For grades 3rd to 5th

· Be our next little artist and design a magazine cover on the theme 'Science'.
· You can draw, colour, paste pictures or come up with any other creative way to design the cover. (Choose an A4 size sheet.)
· Scan the cover and upload it on our website www.youngangels.in/for-childrens to submit your entry. (Filling the registration form is mandatory.)
· The contest starts from 1st Sep 2018 and is valid till 30TH Sep 2018 (last date of submission).
· Results will be uploaded on the website on 5TH Oct 2018.
· First runner up winner will be awarded with worth Rs 800/-
· Two consolation prizes will be awarded worth Rs 250/-
· No entries in physical form will be entertained.

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