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Learning Trough Picture Books

Learning through picture books is exciting and stimulating for the young minds. Pictures are much more than simple, colourful illustrations on a page. They play a critical role in learning, helping students develop observation skills, identification skills, and self-awareness and also assist in teaching them how to make inferences. My First Picture Book Series is a small step in that direction. The play books in this series are designed to introduce children to some basic concepts such as numbers, letters, fruits, animals, transport so on and so forth using pictures. Aimed at facilitating the process of learning for your little ones, these books will also enhance their observation skills.

In this series we bring to the young learners My First Picture Book of Fruits and My First Picture Book of Vegetables. Through these two play books, preschoolers will learn to identify the names of commonly known fruits and vegetables and even learn to describe each fruit and vegetable by looking at its physical attributes through their pictorial representations. It is important to remember that fruits and vegetables are a popular topic in any pre- primary school course and this topic has a lot of scope for cross-curricular work, for which these picture books are perfect. These fantastic books prove that learning the names of fruits and vegetables does not always have to be serious and tedious.

Help your child master basic knowledge of identification of fruits and vegetables with this exciting and unique book that engages the little learners in multiple ways. If your child is ready to start learning names of various fruits and vegetables and needs some help along the way, these books are their perfect companions. Through these books, parents can teach children with the help of wonderful graphics introduce important concepts such as fruits and vegetables names and aid them in associating the names with their pictures. These books use an uncomplicated design layout that focuses on the written word and picture of that particular fruits and vegetables.

Buy these picture books for your child at unbelievable prices at Young Angels Online Bookstore. We ensure you that these books in the First Picture Book Series help parents to strengthen their child’s mind and introduce some basic concepts in an enjoyable way. The attractive pictures in these books attract the little ones at once and also make learning fun and interesting for them. These books aim to boost cognitive function as well as language skills and are a must buy for every beginner.

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