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10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

Starting school can be a difficult time for children. Every child is hesitant to go somewhere new and see people she's never met before. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your child for her first day of school:

  1. Let your child know what his schedule will be like. Tell him what time school begins and ends each day.
  2. Ask your child about her feelings -- both the excitement and the concerns -- about starting school.
  3. Visit the school with your child to see his new classroom and meet his new teacher before school officially starts.
  4. Point out the positive aspects of starting school. It will be fun and she can make new friends.
  5. Let your child know that all kids are nervous about the first day of school.
  6. Leave a note in your child's lunchbox that will remind him you're thinking of him while he's at school.
  7. Reassure your child that if any problems arise at school, you will be there to help resolve them.
  8. Try to have your child meet a classmate before the first day of school so she will already have a friend when school starts.
  9. Arrange for your child to walk to school or ride together on the bus with another kid in the neighborhood.
  10. Find out about after-school activities that your child can join. Will there be a back-to-school party? Can she join a sports team?

Article Sources: - https://www.parents.com/kids/education/kindergarten/10-ways-to-prepare-your-child-for-school/

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Young Angels Brings Interactive Ideas Support ‘Happiness Curriculum’

No matter how nastily you have been squalled in the storms of your life, being happy is a choice and only few understand it. As much as we adults are being heaved into the daily chores of life, our younger ones who have not even crossed the adolescence are already facing mental stress. To chuck out this mental scum and to create a happy shield around the school-going children, Delhi Government has assigned some experts and government school teachers to fabricate a plan of ‘Happy Curriculum’. This plan will be based on activities rather than having a series of examinations.


Young Angels, a leading publisher, has been creating a strong positive environment for children by bringing a comprehensive set of story books, activity books, encyclopaedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books. With full of imagination, interactive backdrop of colours and facts, these books deliver exactly what it takes to build a child’s future. In addition, grabbing an Empowering Life Skill (ELS) magazine will change a child’s perspective towards progressive reading.


The ELS is an adventurous ride of facts, knowledge and fun. Focussed on building cognitive ability, individual attitude, literary and scientific skills, and a strong knowledge base, it boosts individual personality of a child. In this way, they build decision making power and feel optimistic for accomplishing small things.


In addition, with the help of our book fairs and book clubs, we organise activities and workshops for children to form a strong relationship between parents, teachers and students. With this approach, it becomes easy to figure out the mental block that children are carrying and how to sort out things judiciously.


Unhappiness is a serious issue, especially in the phase of adolescence that is when children begin to aspire and undergo a major shift in terms of knowledge. Forming a life-long emotional well-being with parents, teachers, friends and others is a key to happiness.

Image Source - www.advertgallery.com/newspaper/happiness-curriculum-in-delhi-government-schools-ad/

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Learning Through Books

In contemporary times, online bookstores have gained a lot of popularity among consumers. Online bookstores offer a host of benefits, from customer convenience and access to a greater variety of books to significant cost savings. We at Young Angels online bookstore provide a wide variety of books ranging from, moral stories books, kids story books, English story books, and many more. We offer great convenience to the consumers as with the help of our search engine, we help the young readers in finding exactly the book(s) they are looking. Another advantage is that being an online book store there are no time constraints. The children can look for a book of their choice whenever they find the time.

One of the greatest benefits that we offer is that we welcome reader recommendations and customer feedback. This can give the young reader wonderful insight as to whether or not a particular title is right for them. Our aim is to provide the children with instant and inexpensive access to a variety of reading materials. You can order the book(s) you want and get them delivered at your doorstep.

We offer books on moral tales for children and english short stories for kids. Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into a child’s language – starting with picture books for the beginners, working up to activity based books and educational books for young children. Young children can learn about the world from books. Showing simple pictures and naming what they are helps young children learn what things are called. These stories can help children learn about concepts such as shape, size, space and colour, up and down, inside and outside, numbers, and the names of objects. These books can also teach children about everyday tasks, such as how to brush their teeth, taking care of animals, cleaning and tidying, and preparing food.

Stories and moral tales are also useful for teaching more complex ideas to the children, such as the importance of sharing, the passage of time, compassion for others and many more such things. Fiction stories that are based on real-life can also help children with their own life experiences – it shows them how diverse the world is and that some people’s lives are vastly different from theirs. And what’s so great about learning through stories is that the process is done in a natural way. There’s no actual teaching involved at all, they learn from simply reading the story in a fun way. Children learn to cope with many feelings and problems and they learn things about the world just by enjoying the story.

Our story books help to develop a child’s imagination by introducing new ideas into their world – ideas about fantastical worlds, other planets, different points in time and invented characters. These books will encourage the children to realise that they can, and should, imagine anything they want. The beauty of stories is that they can be super realistic or incredibly fantastical. The young readers can be reading about children growing up in exactly the same situation as them one minute and about another species, aliens holidaying on Jupiter for example, the next.

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7 ways to boost your kid’s brain power

According to several child counsellors, the first six years of your child are the most important formative years where the child learns several life skills. Here are ways to boost your baby's brain power in these formative years.

Play with hands: Babies respond well to learning simple sequential games. Involve counting on fingers or playing the game of peek-a-boo with hands for your kid.

Read to your toddler: Choose books with large and colourful pictures, and share your baby's delight in pointing and making noises. For instance, make the animal sounds to go along with farm pictures. Modulate the tone of your voice; simplify or elaborate on story lines; encourage toddlers to talk about books.

Choose appropriate toys: Pick up toys that allow babies to explore and interact. For instance, musical toys, building blocks as well as bright coloured keys help your baby identify objects, colours as well as learn about cause-and-effect relationships.

Respond promptly when your baby cries: Studies show that soothing and cuddling your kid helps him/her to build positive brain circuitry in the limbic area of the brain, which relates to emotions. Your calm holding and cuddling, and your day-to-day intimate engagement with your baby, signal emotional security to the brain.

Use body massage: Massaging your infant can decrease his/her stress and enhance their feelings of well-being and emotional security. Loving touches promote growth in young babies. Research has shown that premature babies who are massaged three times daily are ready to leave the hospital days earlier than babies who do not receive massages.

Set up a safe environment: Crawling is not only essential for your kid's physical but also mental development. Baby-proof your house so that you don't have to worry about your crawling baby or toddler. Spatial learning is important, and when your child begins to crawl, he/she will begin to understand parameters such as under, over, near, and far. The kid will be able to establish mental maps of his/her environment and a comfortable relationship with the world in which he/she lives.

Sing to your kid: Don't leave the nursery rhymes only for the teachers. Poems like Ring a Ring O' Roses involving body motions and finger play will help your baby integrate sounds with large and small motor actions.

Source - https://goo.gl/XxqxJf

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