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Empowering Life Skills

Our Presence in International Book Fairs

Young Angels Video

Children’s book fair by young angels at Bologna book fair in Italy in Apr 2017

Children’s book fair by young angels at Mount Abu School in India in 2017

Children’s book fair by young angels at Paramount International School

Children’s book fair by young angels at Delhi Public school in India in 2017

Children’s book fair by young angels at GBN School on 07-07-2017

Children’s book fair by Young Angels at Morden Vidya Niketan School in India in 2017

Children’s book fair by young angels at GBN School on 07-07-2017

Children’s book fair and puppet show by young angels

Children’s book fair by Young Angels at Max Kids School in 2017

Children’s book fair and puppet show by young angels

Children’s book fair by young angels and teacher’s speech for young angels’s book and magazine

Children’s book fair by young angels at MBS international school

Children’s book fair-1 by young angels at JSS international school

Children’s book fair- by young angels at JSS international school

Children’s book fair by Young Angels at New Horizon School

Children’s book fair by young angels at Open Sky School in India in 2017

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What is Unique about Young Angels?

Young Angels, a leading publisher of children’s books and children’s magazines based out of Delhi, stands apart from the rest in terms of its commitment to creating a culture of reading. We firmly believe that reading is essential to building skills that support a lifetime of success. Books build a strong foundation for future and Young Angels has pledged to foster a love for reading. For this purpose, Young Angels brings to you an amazing range of children’s books and life skills magazines. Our mission is to publish imaginative, creative and innovative children’s books and magazines and to help encourage every child to experience the joy of the written word.

Empowering Life Skills

For young readers who want to be entertained and are at the same time also keen to learn something new, Young Angels offers our monthly magazine that runs by the title Empowering Life Skills. Ours is one of the few school magazines that lay emphasis on the importance of critical thinking, reading, general knowledge & inculcating good values in children. This beautifully-designed monthly magazine published by Young Angels covers a variety of subjects and is designed to get kids excited about the world around them. Our kids’ magazine is packed with stories, activities, poems, trivia and facts that are supported by beautiful illustrations and vibrant presentation that immediately captures the attention of the young readers and arouses their interests. Young Angels’ educational magazine aims to stretch our young readers’ thinking skills and observation skills as well as instill in them a life-long love for reading and learning. Unconventional learning methods that we employ have made our monthly magazines fun for the young readers. Apart from that, the excitement of flipping through a fresh magazine is a wonderful experience for the kids.

Book Fairs

Young Angel’s is also known for its Book Fairs across Delhi-NCR. Young Angels' Book Fairs are a means to introduce students to the joy of reading and learning. These Book Fairs organized by us give teachers and students a chance to browse through and buy the beautifully narrated and illustrated works of our publishing house like story books, activity based books, encyclopedias, picture dictionaries, life skills books, all at one place.

Book Clubs

Another feather in our cap are the Book Clubs organized by Young Angels in schools all across Delhi NCR The idea behind setting up Young Angels’ Book Clubs in schools all across Delhi NCR is to give young children a motivation to take up reading as a hobby and a life style choice and to promote reading and scholastic development of children. Through these Book Clubs, we create a fun environment for reading for leisure in schools. Students get a chance to articulate and share ideas, develop creativity and interact with and relate to peers. Students are not only motivated to take up reading but they also get to know about several types of new age, interactive books and life skills magazines that are available to them apart from their course books. Young Angels understands that each reader’s learning needs are unique, so we adapt and format our Book Clubs accordingly.

Young Angels’ Presence at Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meeting allows the parents and teachers to discuss the progress of a child. To this important day at various prestigious schools in Delhi NCR, Young Angels’ is known to add another important aspect and that is our display of our interesting and unique reading material and activity books for children. This day helps to connect both the young and the adults with books. Our aim through such interactions is to develop literacy skills and create engaged readers. Parent Teacher Meetings coupled with the display of exciting children’s books by Young Angels always proves to be a very stimulating event.

Young Angels’ greatest asset is our young readers. We are proud to state that we value our young readers and invest in long-term relationships. Our aim is to stimulate their minds with our books and magazines so that they grow up to be engaged and excited about the world.


Our books and magazine educate the children in new ways and help them to be happy and stress-free in their lives. In present times children lead a very stressful life due many factors including the burden of studies and the expectations of parents. This pressure has led the children to be dissatisfied with their lives, as a result it is the demand of the day that daily happiness classes should be introduced for students of classes Nursery to 8th. We, at Young Angels, provide magazines and books that are based on happiness curriculum and their content is activity based so that the children can learn new things in a fun way. Further, our magazines provide a progress index so that the children’s progress can be measured at regular intervals. With our books the children learn the importance of being happy.